Our products

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Engineers, welders, fitters and turners ensure that customer orders are completed quickly and professionally, and to make the end result qualitatively correct and perfectly made. In pressure vessels, tanks, containers, piping, steel structures; the Gonczi & Son Ltd. is your most competent partner. 

  • Storage Tanks
  • Fuel tanks (single and double wall design)
  • Container vessels (dimensions of 10, 20, 25, 30 m3 )
  • Pressure vessels, technical equipments
  • Gas storage tanks (underground and above-ground version) dimensions of 3 - 63 m3 
  • Air tanks in various versions (standing or lying position) up to 25 m3
  • water tanks in various versions (standing or lying position) up to 50 m3 
  • ADR tanks, tanker tanks
  • Various parts for tanks (cone shaped manhole shafts, tie-down straps, etc.)
  • Operator platforms, cartridges, filter inserts, bases for wells, etc.
  • Power plant steel structures
  • Various steel structures (steel halls,  gas bottles, gas bottle transport containers, etc.)

Our company produces pressure tanks both for the domestic and for the international market for more thank 30 years. Our strength is to produce our containers and pressure tanks in excellent quality, upon requirements of our clients and upon strictly developed quality assurance system in due time for the oil, gas and chemical industry.

Supply tanks
Double-shell tanks for the storage of several fuels in under/above ground design, with single- and multi-chambered equipments. Our tanks totally fulfil the requirements of decree No. 9/2008 of the Ministry for National Development and Economy. The tanks offered by us can be ordered in the capacity of 5 m3 – 300 m3 in all available measures according to the relevant standards.

Container tanks
Single- and multi-chambered container tanks which dispose of strong transportability and installation variability on the grounds of their construction. We also undertake total installation if required. Several types of our containers can be transported on road, by air and by water.

Gas storage tanks
Pressure tanks to store propane-butane and natural gas. Produced in under/above ground design, in the capacity of 5 m3 – 300 m3. We undertake installation of tanks and also planning, authorization and producing of custom-made tanks.

Air tanks
Tanks in vertical and in horizontal design, for storing compressed air. We are able to carry out authorization and official acceptance procedure required for production if needed. We produce the tanks in the capacity of 5 m3 -25 m3.

Water tanks
Single-chambered tanks for storing condensation water, fire-fighting water and industrial water of technological character in under/above ground design, in the capacity of 5 m3 – 300 m3.

ADR tanks, tanks for petrol vehicles
Tank containers for transporting fuel and dangerous materials on the road.
We undertake carrying out tasks in connection with planning, authorization and examination of tanks. We also undertake production, planning and authorization of tanks suitable for transport by rail and by water if required.

The various tanks parts
We provide a wide range of accessories for the tanks are provided for our clients. To anchor the underground tanks it is necessary the engrossing strap’s, the doma’s, the operator podium’s supplies  various load and closing methods, tanks and fittings according to individual needs we can also assume coating of different tanks.

Different custom-made steel constructions
We undertake production of steel constructions related to our products due to individual needs.

Steel constructions for power stations
The increasing energy consumption of our ever-accelerating world means a serious challenge to the power stations of our countries. The ever-growing need for energy drives energy-producing companies to build more and more power stations. As an organic part of this process, our company produces steel structures as a sub-contractor for famous European companies building power stations. Our steel constructions can be found in the power stations of Germany and the United Kingdom. Our company disposes of technologies developed by needs and provisions of customers and confirmed by TÜV in the field of welding and tooling plates of large wall thickness.

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