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Our primary activity is the manufacture of containers and steel structures. The Gonczi and Son Ltd., besides its manufacturing activity also provide the following services to its clients:

  • Individual counseling about containers
  • Transport of containers on their own vehicles
  • Plate  rolling
  • Cone rolling 
  • Renovation, modification and production of containers

Individual counseling about containers
We provide professional assistance to tanks, containers, tank systems  and in developing and operating them, compliance with standards, authority, control functions to be resolved. We can offer various solutions based on our manufactured light tanks.

Supply with own vehicle pool
We supply the products produced by us with our own vehicles to a competitive price to the place desired.

Plate  rolling
We provide plate rolling with special equipments 4 mm – 30 mm thickness of the material.

Renewing, cleaning and modification of containers
We perform renewing, official examination and modification of under / above ground gas tanks of a capacity of 5 m3 – 63 m3, the uptime whereof have already been expired.

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